Navitas Powers World’s First 100 W GaN Fast Charger from Baseus


Leading consumer electronics brand, Baseus, has announced the world’s first charger with Qualcomm Quick Charge™ 5 technology fast-charging protocol, featuring Navitas' GaNFast™ power ICs. With 100W of power, and with Quick Charge 5 plus USB-PD and USB-PPS control protocols, the new Baseus charger can power any phone or laptop including Samsung's 45W S21 Ultra and Apple's 96W MacBook Pro 16".

Gallium nitride (GaN) is a next-generation semiconductor technology that runs up to 20x faster than silicon and Navitas' proprietary GaNFast™ power ICs deliver up to 3x faster charging in half the size and weight, and with up to 40% energy savings compared with legacy silicon chips.

The Baseus GaN2 100W Charger has a single USB-C output and measures only 67 x 30 x 55 mm (111 cc), is a featherweight 178 g, and retails for only $34. These specifications make it 40% smaller, 40% lighter and 50% lower retail price than premium silicon-based chargers.

"With 100W of charging power, users can charge a 4500mAh battery phone from 0 to 50% in just five minutes," said Mr Long Kou CHEN, Baseus' Vice GM, Tech Charger Products. "Moreover, Quick Charge 5 enables 100W of charging power to provide better performance in areas like fast-charging laptops. With thanks to the Navitas team for their help bringing the GaN2 100W to market so quickly, users can replace the original large laptop charger – plus phone and tablet chargers – with one, small, light device."

"Baseus are a future-facing company, with a laser-focus on user experience which means that they are at the leading edge of not only power semiconductor technology with Navitas, but also in terms of control and fast-charging with Qualcomm Technologies Inc.," said Stephen Oliver, Navitas VP of Corporate Marketing and Investor Relations. "The mobile fast-charger market is only the start for GaN, as we expand into higher-power markets like TVs, home connectivity, data centers, EVs / eMobility and solar, attacking an estimated $13B power semiconductor market by 2026."

The GaN2 100W (model #CCGAN100CS) uses the NV6125 650V GaNFast power IC, running in a high-speed, soft-switching circuit. Alternative discrete GaN solutions require increased component count, larger PCB footprints and higher system cost without integrated protection circuits, creating inherent reliability risks. In contrast, Navitas GaNFast™ power ICs have integrated drive, control and protection circuits that enable unparalleled energy efficiency, robustness & reliability, operating frequencies, design simplicity, system cost and PCB footprint reduction.