Mango Power Introduces World's First Integrated Home And Portable Battery System


Mango Power is set for an August Indiegogo release of its first home and portable all-in-one product, the breakthrough Mango Power Union. The Mango Power Union is the world's first power station product to take the best features of a residential home battery –great capacity (6.9kWh) and output (4kW) with build-in dual PV inverter and gateway – and includes the travel ability of a portable battery with a detachable module – the Power Move – to light up outdoor, off-grid escapes.

The Mango Power Union fuses a Tesla Powerwall-type home battery with a portable power station in an energy storage system that uses the best batteries on the market today. Housed in a sleek, modern, stylish design, the Mango Power Union is made to suit any area of any residence while giving users the flexibility to take the comfort and convenience of home wherever they go.

The station itself has a maximum battery capacity of 6.9 KWh, a power output of 4.0 KW, and is expandable to up to 10 packs in parallel while the detachable module is rated for 6,000+ charging cycles. That means savings on home electricity bills along with the power to take power with you wherever you go.

As a green energy industry start-up, Mango Power serves the residential market with unique solutions for eco-minded businesses and individuals, while delivering the power-outage-proof electricity of a traditional gasoline generator.

Mango Future Technology Co., Ltd. CEO Steven Wang said that the Mango Power Union is the first family energy hub. Its battery capacity, output capability, and portability give consumers truly comprehensive flexibility inside and outside the home. He further said that with every full charge via a renewable energy resource, a family's or business' CO2 emissions are reduced by 2.88 kg — equivalent to the daily carbon capture of 48 trees. It's this sustainability that drives them to make competitive green energy products available to consumers. He said that he hopes someday they can see every family enjoying the latest green energy tech but for now, he’s just happy to be bringing some much-needed innovation into this space.