ATI Systems Introduces Outdoor High Power Speakers Stations


Acoustic Technology Inc (ATI Systems) has announced its Next Generation Outdoor High Power Speakers Stations (HPSS). ATI’s Next Generation HPSS incorporates a modular design for more convenient configuration management.

An Intelligent Control Gateway board (ICG) directly controls one amplifier for a 1600 W HPSS or two amplifiers (via ATI’s Concentrator Board) for a 3200 W HPSS. The Concentrator Board allows for the ICG to control multiple amplifiers. The new HPSS completes ATI’s move away from its previous 8/16-bit CPU to the ICG’s 32-bit ARM CPU with a modern software base. This feature supports the latest IP stacks and security/encryption options.

One of the key features of the ICG is an ultrafast CPU with increased memory. It supports IPv6 and the enhanced security over IP by integrating SSL/TLS security standards including RSA, 3DES, AES, ARC4, SHA1, SHA2, MD2, MD4, and MD5. Another key feature is added network and communication ports including Ethernet, USB, CANbus, RS232, RS485, Analog/Digital Radio, and Telephone Line.

ATI Systems' Next Generation High Powered Speaker Station incorporates a more efficient AC charger with a universal power supply input. This removes the need for rewiring between a 110 V and 220 V AC power input. A modern solar charge controller supports Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) and an optional Bluetooth dongle for monitoring solar parameters.

“The Next Generation HPSS is a game-changer when it comes to helping enterprises achieve their physical security goals in terms of upgrading and maintaining the MNS. We are providing a cost-effective option that enables our customers to become more efficient to alert personnel and save lives” said Ray Bassiouni, CEO of ATI Systems.

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