Ossia Forms Strategic Partnerships to Accelerate Momentum in Wireless Power Space


Ossia Inc. ("Ossia"), a provider of wireless power at a distance, has announced two new partnerships with organizations that will accelerate Ossia's momentum in getting wireless power to market.

The first partnership is with a strategic investor, IQT, that accelerates the development and delivery of new, innovative technologies to the U.S. defense and intelligence agencies. IQT was founded in 1999 to deliver emerging and cutting-edge technologies to enhance the national security of the United States.

The second is with a cutting-edge semiconductor company, e-peas, that is paving the way for energy harvesting technology to support wireless power at a distance. This company specializes in ultra-low power energy harvesting and processing solutions and Ossia has been collaborating with them for more than two years. e-peas partnered with Ossia for the development of state-of-the-art energy management chips.

One of e-peas' and Ossia's biggest collaborations so far involve working to integrate features in the new versatile buck-boost ambient energy manager AEM30330 for Cota technology to support Retail IoT applications (such as ESLs) and low power sensors.

This chip features ultra-low power start-up from 275 mV input voltage and 3 uW input power and supports both battery and battery-less (super-capacitor) applications. The Cota wireless solution using the e-peas AEM30330 power management chip has a very small footprint and low Bill of Materials (BOM) costs, which allows Cota Power Receivers (Cota Rx) to be produced at scale and cost-effectively.

Both partnerships enforce Ossia's dominant market leader in the wireless power space with continued innovation in the development of wireless power technology and momentum of Ossia's growing ecosystem and market segments.

Geoffroy Gosset, e-peas' CEO said that their collaboration with Ossia has allowed them to create cutting-edge features required for the Cota Real Wireless Power solution. He also said that they are very pleased with this collaboration; it shows that they have both the technology, innovation, and quality to provide industry-leading energy harvesting solutions for markets like Retail IoT applications and low power sensors.

Steve Taub, Partner, Investments at IQT said that wireless power transmission has been of longstanding interest to the intelligence community and In-Q-Tel is excited to partner with Ossia to bring Cota technology to the forefront.

Ossia's flagship technology is Cota Real Wireless Power, a patented, award-winning technology that delivers power at a distance, without cables, charging pads, or line-of-sight. Cota technology can deliver meaningful power to many devices at the same time, in motion, at a considerable distance, safely and efficiently.  All Cota-enabled devices can be activated, managed, and monitored via the Cota Cloud platform.

Doug Stovall, Chief Executive Officer of Ossia said that they are very pleased to announce these partnerships that enable Cota-powered products to continue their proliferation across Ossia's growing ecosystem. There is incredible demand and scale for wireless power in both the retail, IoT, consumer, military, and intelligence agencies. These partnerships will accelerate Ossia's mass deployment of Cota Real Wireless Power across the world.