Tagore Technology Introduces 650 V GaN FET with an Integrated Driver


Tagore Technology announces the introduction of the TP44200NM 650 V Gallium Nitride Power FET with an integrated driver IC. It is available in a compact 22 pin QFN package that measures 5 x 7 mm. The device offers low RDS(ON) of 180 mΩ and fast switching to deliver a highly efficient, low-cost power solution in a small footprint for a variety of applications requiring high power density including USB-PD charger, server, and telecom AC-DC power supplies, power factor correction (PFC) converter.

The TP44200NM Power IC has 650 V E-mode GaN Power FET, driver, UVLO, and high dv/dt immunity with and without supply - all monolithically integrated on GaN-on-Si substrate. The device has a low propagation delay for high-frequency applications and slew rate control through an external resistor.

Key specifications:

  • RDS(ON): 180 mΩ
  • Breakdown Voltage: 650 V
  • IDS: 7.5 A
  • Propagation Delay: 20 ns
  • Vcc: 7.5 V
  • PWM: 6 V
  • Package: 5 x 7 mm QFN

Click here to learn more about TP44200NM GaN PMIC from Tagore Technology.