Monolithic Power Systems Launches Buck Switching Converter


Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) has launched a new low Iq, synchronous, step-down, switching converter - the MPQ4430. It operates in a programmable frequency range from 350 kHz to 2.5 MHz and has integrated internal 90 Ohms high-side and 40 Ohms low-side power MOSFETs.

The MPQ4430 provides up to 3.5 A of highly efficient continuous output current with current mode control for fast loop response and has fixed output options of 3.3, 3.8, and 5 V. It can handle a wide input range from 3.3 V to 36 V and has selectable in-phase or 180° out-of-phase options. This converter requires a low shutdown supply current of 1 μA and a sleep mode quiescent current of 10 μA which makes it ideal for battery-powered applications.

The MPQ4430 employs advanced asynchronous mode (AAM), which helps achieve high efficiency in light-load conditions by scaling down the switching frequency to reduce switching and gate driving losses. It has standard features like programmable soft-start (SS), external clock synchronization, enable (EN) control, and a power good (PG) indicator. This converter has a high-duty cycle and low dropout modes for automotive cold-crank conditions. The MPQ4430 has over-current protection (OCP) with valley-current detection to prevent the inductor current from running away. The hiccup mode reduces the average current in short-circuit conditions greatly and thermal shutdown provides reliable and fault-tolerant operation.

The MPQ4430 is available in an AEC-Q100 qualified QFN-16 package that measures 3 x 4 mm and is ideal for automotive and industrial power systems.

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