GaN Systems and FTEX Partner to Deliver 30% Performance Hike in Electric Vehicles


GaN Systems has announced a partnership with FTEX to deliver next-generation GaN Powered motor drives for personal electric vehicles (EVs) including e-scooters, e-bikes, and e-mopeds.

The motor drives combine GaN Systems’ high-performance, high-frequency transistors, with FTEX’s innovative software and cutting-edge hardware to create powertrain solutions that increase the range and power of EVs by as much as 30 percent. GaN Systems’ transistors enable smaller, more efficient, and lower cost systems for high-power EV applications. The company’s 100 V E-Mode transistor provides high power density for the FTEX Dynamic Drive in a small package, with thermal efficiencies created by GaN Systems’ innovative packaging.

“Thermal enhancement and high frequency switching are the two major aspects that FTEX’s hardware focuses on, thus getting the best out of GaN Systems’ transistors. Our unique design maximizes the transistor performance, increasing efficiency by 2.5% while doubling the power density and reducing the weight by half,” said Alexandre Cosneau, CTO at FTEX. “GaN Systems is the best at what they do – providing high quality, small form factor power components that enable the next generation of electric vehicles.”

“Our partnership with FTEX highlights the growing demand for GaN-based motor control solutions for EVs, from e-bikes to motorcycles to automobiles,” said Jim Witham, CEO at GaN Systems. “By replacing legacy silicon transistors with GaN Systems’ transistors, electric powertrain designers can make vast improvements to their EV solutions, including reducing the size of the inverters and converters, increasing power, and maximizing efficiency. Together, we’re fortifying GaN Systems’ position in the next generation of e-mobility transportation.”

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