Tagore Launches GaN Power Transistor for Radio and Cellular Infrastructure Applications


Tagore Technology has announced the introduction of the TA9210D 12.5 W broadband-capable GaN power transistor covering 30 MHz to 2.7 GHz frequency band with a single match. The TA9210D, based on GaN DHEMT technology is usable up to 4 GHz. The device is suited for a range of applications including private mobile radio handsets, public safety, and military radios and cellular infrastructure.

The TA9210D’s input and output can be matched for the best power and efficiency for the desired band. The device is packaged in a compact, low-cost Quad Flat No lead (QFN) 3 x 6 x 0.8 mm, 32 leads plastic package.

Key specifications:

Part Number


Linear Gain at 0.9 GHz

Saturated Output Power at 0.9GHz

PAE at 0.9 GHz




0.03–4.0 GHz

18 dB

12.5 W


28/32 V

6 x 3 DFN

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