Bel Power Solutions Introduces DC-AC Auxiliary Inverters for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles


Bel Power Solutions introduces DC-AC auxiliary inverters that can convert high-voltage DC power into split-phase AC power (120/240 VAC). The INV60 Series inverters are suited to drive AC accessory loads directly from the High Voltage DC drive or battery bus. They deliver pure sine wave AC output power and support single or three-phase configuration.

The INV60 Series have a typical efficiency of 93% and delivers an output of up to 6 kW. They can provide an initial output power of 8 kW for 10 seconds to start electric motors. These inverters are liquid-cooled and can offer a combined output of up to 36 kW with 6 units. They support CAN protocol to establish communication with vehicle controllers to achieve different operational modes and for frequency selection. These DC-AC inverters provide IP65/IP67 rated protection and features military-grade shock resistance.

The INV60 Series inverters from Bel Power are available in custom configurations for application in motor controllers for bow thrusters, inverters for marine applications, battery chargers, and combo systems.

Features of INV60 Series DC-AC Inverters:

  • Typical efficiency: 93%
  • Output power up to 4 kW (1 unit) to up to 16 kW (4 units)
  • Full galvanic isolation between input and output
  • CAN Bus serial interface SAE J1939
  • Adaptable to various HVIL input connectors
  • Flexible output connectivity
  • IP65 and IP67 protection rating
  • E-mark compliant / ISO26262 ASIL level B
  • Over-temperature, output over-voltage and over-current protection, input and output reverse polarity protection
  • Mating connector kits available: 350DNC40-CON-KIT-xG and 700DNC40-CON-KIT-xG

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