Medigus Completes Proof of Concept of its Wireless Charging Robot


Medigus Ltd., a technology company engaged in advanced medical solutions, innovative internet technologies, and electric vehicle and charging solutions has announced that Charging Robotics Ltd., its wholly-owned subsidiary, has concluded proof of concept, successfully demonstrating the capabilities of its electric vehicle wireless charging robot.

Charging Robotics' mission is to overcome one of today's biggest challenges in wireless charging of electric vehicles - seamless, highly efficient battery charging for both manned and unmanned vehicles.

The demonstration system consists of a robotic platform capable of autonomous navigation. The robotic platform carries an energy transmitting coil, batteries, and supporting electronics. The second component of the system is an EV simulating unit, which houses the target batteries to be charged, and energy receiving coil and the supporting electronics.

The robot navigated from its home position along a predefined route to the starting position, which is a point close to the optimal charging position. Charging occurs at the maximum rate when both coils are perfectly aligned. Following arrival to the starting position, the alignment process begins. As the energy was transmitted from the Robot transmitting coil to the receiving coil, the robot was ordered to move in small increments in order to optimize the charging rate.

The whole process demonstrated a charging efficiency of 93 % at a power of 1 kW and was capable of reaching the starting position as well as completing the alignment process. At no time did any part of the system come in physical contact with the other. Coils were positioned about 5 cm apart, and the robot ensured good alignment between them.

Following the successful POC, Charging Robotics plans to move forward with a commercial pilot project and to enhance the system power from 1 kW to ~13 kW which is the standard for domestic chargers.