TEVOCS Introduces Affordable Universal Portable Power Stations


TEVOCS has announced the launch of a powerful series of universal portable power stations that provide reliable power for off-grid situations, travel, home backup and more. The TEVOCS power station features a battery capacity of 2080 WH and delivers 2000 W of power.

Today, people rely on mobile devices and electronics for virtually everything. For work, home and medical use, and travel, having access to reliable power is essential. TEVOCS power station is the most affordable and full-featured universal power station for any situation. TEVOCS is designed with first-class and level A battery cells. Its stable pure wave output is safe for motors, appliances, and mobile devices and is guaranteed for 3000+ cycles. With a massive 2080 Wh battery capacity and 2000 W output, TEVOCS ensures power for all daily essentials. Its output is impressive and it can charge virtually any device many times over such as smartphones (160 times), Macbook Pro (22.8 times), and iPad Air (53 times). The power station can also keep the lights on and power larger appliances such as microwaves, refrigerators, and cooking devices in the event of a power outage in the home.

"Our team has been involved in the energy storage power research industry for over 12 years, working with some of the world's biggest brands as OEM partners. This journey gave us valuable experience with all aspects of the design and manufacture of lithium battery systems. In 2020 we set out to create the ultimate portable power system that combined the most advanced features with affordable practicality. The TEVOCS power station is the result. With a massive 2000 W output, Tesla quality battery, and enough capacity to power up to 17 devices simultaneously, it's one of the most powerful systems of its kind available and provides reliable power for home emergencies, outdoor parties, drone use, work stations, medical use, and anywhere you need safe, portable, power." says Jessy Tan, CEO of TEVOCS.

TEVOCS features a wide range of output options, including six AC outlets, one PD 100 W USB-C, one PD 30 W USB-C, four USB-A ports, one DC 12 V / 10 A cigarette lighter port, two DC 12 V / 10 A ports and two wireless charging pads. The power station proves that power comes in small sizes, it's just about 5 kg and can be easily carried or stored in a vehicle and has multiple options for fast recharge including wall outlet, USB, auto charging, or using the optional solar panels using Anderson connector for solar input.

The TEVOCS Affordable Universal Portable Power Station is available in 3 output sizes: 600, 1200 & 2000 W.