High Frequency GaN-based Wireless Power Technology


GaN Systems is a supplier of GaN power transistors that are widely used in data center servers, renewable energy systems, automotive, industrial motors and consumer electronics. The company aspires for innovative GaN-based solutions to revolutionize power conversion for various applications by creating better designs that are smaller, lower in cost and more efficient.

GaN transistors have enabled new levels of innovation in wireless power, with a wide range of GaN Powered consumer products being introduced to the market, including high-power wireless charging for autonomous aerial, mobile, marine, and industrial robots and drones.

The latest GaN enabled innovations include in-cabin wireless charging for automotive interiors that are capable of powering multiple devices beyond 15 W of power—without requiring physical contact with a charging pad. Other innovative applications include cordless power tools, safety and inspection drones, and through-wall data solutions that can provide power and data through walls for applications ranging from televisions to 5G.

High frequency WPT technology has always been the best option for wireless charging solutions, and GaN-based transistors have always been the best option for high frequency applications. However, until recently, GaN-based solutions weren’t commercially available. Much progress has been made and GaN transistors now have the proven performance, as well as the market maturity, to enable new levels of innovation for a wide range of wireless charging applications.

High frequency GaN-based WPT technology removes the physical limitations associated with traditional solutions, offering spatial freedom for a worry free, drop-and-go experience: a wireless device will charge while placed on a charging pad – exact position is not an issue. GaN-based amplifiers are very efficient, generate minimal heat, and use operating frequencies that don’t interfere with other electronics. In addition, higher power levels are easier to achieve, opening up a broad array of applications to wireless power transfer and charging.

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