Energous Partner with TAGnology to Develop OTA Wireless Power Solutions in Europe


Energous Corporation, the developer of WattUp, has announced a partnership with TAGnology RFID. Under the arrangement, TAGnology will work as an industrial design house for Energous customers, helping to implement wireless power solutions, proofs of concept (PoCs), and manage development projects. In addition, TAGnology delivers training and technical support in the region and will serve as a provider of Energous’ wireless power solutions and developer kits in Europe through its eCommerce website and distribution channel.

Energous WattUp wireless charging 2.0 technology is an innovative and scalable solution and TAGnology is excited to bring this ground-breaking technology to the European market and to deliver a new level of consumer experience and industrial capability,” said Markus Schriebl, Chief Executive Officer, TAGnology. “We believe joining the Energous ecosystem will offer European manufacturers new wireless power options that will revolutionize product charging in a wide range of use cases and applications.”

Capable of charging multiple devices simultaneously at-a-distance, Energous’ WattUp technology enables a variety of wireless charging scenarios from near field to far-field over the air, at a wide range of distances. WattUp is suitable for a broad range of applications ranging from small form factor devices to industrial IoT sensors to larger electronics and peripherals.

TAGnology’s technical expertise and consulting capabilities will enable our customers to accelerate the adoption of our wireless charging technology into their product designs,” said Cesar Johnston, acting CEO, Chief Operating Officer, and Executive Vice President of Engineering for Energous. “With more than 15 years of experience in the design and production of innovative wireless solutions and a broad established customer base, TAGnology brings significant industry knowledge and experience to our partnership in a new, emerging market for Energous technologies.”

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  • Country: United States
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