YAGEO Introduces 1000 V Ceramic Capacitors for Automotive Applications


YAGEO Group, a global passive component manufacturer, has launched the automotive-grade multilayer ceramic capacitors AC Series since 2014 and recently extended its product range to reach 1000 volts rated voltage to enhance the quality and reliability of automotive applications.

The new ranges cover both class I NPO and class II X7R, starting from the case size (inch) 1206 with capacitances up to 220 pF for NPO and 1 nF for X7R. The range extension makes YAGEO’s MLCC solution entirely suitable in automotive applications, particularly for the high power trend in the electric car.

YAGEO product strategic team sees more and more high-power battery designs in an Electric vehicle. The increased power output can shorten the battery charging time and prolong the cruising endurance and make all the charge lines of the motor thinner and lighter, which successfully upgrades the efficiency of the whole power driving system of an e-car.

The high-rated voltage MLCCs are critical components in this area. As a result, the AEC-Q200 criteria are the basic quality requirements for all AC series MLCCs. To reach a higher quality level with long endurance and high reliability, we use approaches including adopting high-quality raw material, dedicated production line, tightened processing control, and entire in line and outgoing automatic examination on top of the production standards.

Reference part numbers for 1000V:

  • AC1206JKNPOCBN100
  • AC1206JKNPOCBN220
  • AC1206JKNPOCBN470
  • AC1206JKNPOCBN101
  • AC1206JKNPOCBN221
  • AC1206KKX7RCBB102

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