Ouster to Provide Digital Lidar Sensors for Autonomous Electric Delivery Vehicles


Ouster Inc announced that it has signed a Strategic Customer Agreement with Juzhen Data Tech to support its autonomous electric delivery vehicles. Ouster expects to supply 1,190 digital lidar sensors through 2025 for Juzhen’s next-generation delivery vehicles for the Chinese market.

Juzhen plans to use Ouster digital lidar on its two next-generation electric vehicles to support autopilot functionality followed by the deployment of fully autonomous delivery vehicles on public roads. Juzhen launched its first electric delivery vehicle in November 2020 in order to support the growing e-commerce logistics market in China. The upgraded vehicle designs will incorporate one to three Ouster OS1 sensors per vehicle for mapping, navigation, and obstacle avoidance to enable more intelligent transportation systems capable of autonomous delivery between logistic hubs in urban environments.

“We chose to work with Ouster because of the high-resolution of its digital lidar. Ouster provides reliable perception data for our autonomous vehicles, which is critical when driving on public roads. Furthermore, we believe that Ouster’s scalable, digital approach will allow us to further reduce costs while improving performance over time, providing competitive advantage,” said Gu Zulin, CEO of Juzhen Data Tech.

“We are excited to partner with Juzhen to further realize the benefits of digital lidar for the autonomous delivery market in China. Every major logistics company is looking to integrate greater levels of automation, whether it be for improved safety, efficiency, or cost. Ouster is advancing automation across the global supply chain by offering sensors with the best combination of price and performance along with a highly-scalable manufacturing process,” said Angus Pacala, CEO of Ouster.