Kopin to use WQVGA Microdisplay in Divesoft Augmented Reality Optical Display Adapter for Divers


Kopin Corporation, a developer and provider of transmissive and reflective active matrix liquid crystal and organic light emitting diode (OLED) microdisplays used in defense, enterprise, industrial, medical and consumer products, has announced that its CyberDisplay WQVGA LVS display/backlight module and A230 Driver IC have been designed into Divesoft’s newly launched Optical Display Adapter (ODA) for divers, which provides easy access to critical diving data. Divesoft s.r.o., based in the Czech Republic, focuses on providing customers with superior-quality specialized diving equipment.

The Divesoft ODA, which works in combination with its Liberty 2021 Edition rebreather unit, enables divers to constantly view essential diving data, even in the most extreme diving conditions. At only 150 grams, the lightweight mountable display screen with sapphire glass optics provides important diving information, such as setpoint, depth, time, decompression and ascent rate, which helps to increase both the comfort and safety of the diver. Graphic indicators display the pressures in the oxygen and diluent cylinders, along with the reliability of the oxygen sensors. Red flashes indicate if values are exceeded and no longer safe. The adjustable mount and variable focus of the ODA make it easy for divers to fine-tune the display screen and reach an optimum level of comfort while diving.

“The Optical Display Adapter is a very exciting product for Divesoft,” said Lucie Šmejkalová and Aleš Procháska, joint Founders and CEOs of Divesoft. “We always aim to offer our customers diving products with the latest technological advances. The design-in of Kopin’s full color display and ASIC into our ODA product has given us that opportunity. Kopin’s LCD and driver IC are essential components of the Divesoft ODA. The small form factor and incredible image quality make the WQVGA an excellent choice for our display screen.”

"We are very pleased that Divesoft chose Kopin’s WQVGA LVS display and A230 ASIC for the Divesoft ODA,” said Greg Truman, Head of Kopin's Industrial and Enterprise Display Business. “Our WQVGA microdisplay is a popular display in the wearable market because it offers users a bright, clean, easily readable image in a small form factor. Our products offer the industry’s highest quality and Divesoft’s selection of our display validates it.”

Kopin's patented CyberDisplay WQVGA LVS is a color-filter active-matrix liquid crystal display (AMLCD) with a resolution of 428x240. The WQVGA LVS display utilizes high-performance single crystal silicon transistors and is the smallest (0.20” diagonal) transmissive AMLCD for the resolution. The WQVGA LVS display, backlight and A230 driver ASIC together consume less than 100 mW at a display brightness of 1000 nits, sufficient for outdoor usage. A frame buffer memory residing in the ASIC offers further power savings.