Energous Introduces Active Energy Harvesting Developer Kit to Support OTA Wireless Charging


Energous Corporation, the developer of WattUp; a revolutionary RF-based wireless charging technology that supports charging of electronic devices at-a-distance; have announced the availability of its 1 W Active Energy Harvesting Developer Kit. The 1 W Developer Kit can charge multiple devices simultaneously, enabling at-a-distance wireless charging for the growing Internet of Things ecosystem. This technology represents the lowest cost, smallest size solution for any known active energy harvesting ecosystem.

The 1 W Active Harvesting Developer Kit is complementary metal–oxide semiconductor (CMOS) based and features a smaller footprint than Energous’ 5.5 W kit announced earlier this year. The kit leverages Energous’ award-winning WattUp radio frequency (RF)-based wireless charging technology, delivering an over-the-air solution that enables device manufacturers to implement wireless charging and active energy harvesting for smart buildings, industrial IoT sensors applications, retail electronic displays and other connected devices.

Unlike passive solutions that harvest ambient energy from the surrounding environment, which typically offer extremely low amounts of power and can be unpredictable in terms of how much power is available, Energous’ active energy harvesting solution includes a dedicated 6-inch transmitter that emits 1 W of conducted power in a specific area or direction via its RF-based, WattUp wireless charging technology. This RF-based energy is harvested by Energous-enabled receiving devices, which can be combined with RF energy harvesting IC technology from e-peas. The Energous 1 W active energy harvesting solution allows multiple devices to be simultaneously charged from a single transmitter.

“As the IoT ecosystem continues to expand, enabling manufacturers to develop devices that can be wirelessly charged over-the-air will be critical to its success,” said Cesar Johnston, acting CEO of Energous Corporation. “Our 1 W Active Energy Harvesting Developer Kit allows developers to harvest RF-based energy at power levels much higher than passive solutions and supports charging of multiple, simultaneous receiving devices over-the-air, making it an ideal fit for a wide range of IoT applications across industrial, healthcare, consumer, smart home, and more.”

The 1 W Active Energy Harvesting Developer Kit includes one transmitter and one or more receiver units, is designed with e-peas’ power management IC technology and a broad array of Energous and partner IP including:

  • DA14682 SmartBond Bluetooth system-on-chip (SoC)
  • DA4100 Wireless Power Transmitter SoC
  • DA3210 Power Amplifier
  • A discrete rectifier and a DA2210 WPT rectifier
  • An e-peas AEM30940 harvesting PMIC
  • Supercap energy storage device with support for a rechargeable lithium battery
  • DA14531 BLE SoC
  • An ambient light sensor and a temperature/humidity sensor

Energous WattUp technology provides an array of RF-based over-the-air and near field wireless charging solutions.

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  • Country: United States
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