Bluetti Introduces Modular Solar Power Station and LFP Battery Module


In July 2021, Bluetti announced the release of an industry first, modular solar power station - the AC300 and its accompanying LFP battery module, the B300 (3,072Wh).

Both the products are available for order now.

Solar Vs. Gas Generators 

Solar Generator:

  • No added noise/extremely quiet operation - 35dB
  • Free, clean, endless renewable power source from the sun or wind.
  • Increases daily solar consumption 24/7
  • Extremely low maintenance (due to barely any moving parts)
  • Seamless UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) when power outages occurred

Gas/Propane Generator:

  • Noisy operation ≥70dB 
  • Emissions, deadly toxic carbon monoxide (The generators must be used outside)
  • Higher carbon footprint - (Uses fossil fuels for power)
  • Requires maintenance - (Lots of moving parts to maintain)
  • Monthly fuel costs - (Fuel is not free like the sun)

A solar generator uses free energy from the sun instead of using costly dirty fossil fuels.  It's available to get this free energy continuously from the sun for the lifespan of solar panels, which is usually around 25 to 30 years. And, unlike most conventional fuel or gas generators, solar generators have absolutely no moving parts and do not use liquid fuel. This means the ongoing costs will be low.

Aside from the financial gains of using a solar generator, choosing this green technology over other fossil fueled systems has various environmental and health benefits. Gas powered generators lead to air pollution alongside noise pollution, and while the latter is simply annoying, the former contributes to climate change and respiratory disease.

Most heavy duty gas powered generators can weigh a lot, sometimes up to 250 pounds. In comparison, Bluetti's AC300 weighs a mere 44 pounds and the B300 74lbs.

Buying the AC300 and its Delivery

BLUETTI products can be bought on their official website.

  • AC300 paired with 1× B300 battery module now starts at $2899 (original price is $3699, that is $800 OFF for a limited quantity).
  • AC300 paired with 2× B300 battery modules starts at $3648 (original price is $4498, that is $850 OFF).

For one-stop shopping, a total amount of a thousand bucks can be saved when buying certain AC300 solar bundles.

Orders will be delivered in 3~5 weeks from the purchase date, according to Bluetti's statement.