GaN Systems and EPowerlabs to Provide DC Power Supply for E-Mobility & Industrial Applications


GaN Systems and EPowerlabs, an end-to-end engineering services firm specializing in e-mobility applications, have announced a collaboration to deliver a high-density DC-DC power converter (DDC48-1K) for a wide range of 48 V mobility applications for consumer, industrial, and automotive customers.

Using GaN solves space constraint challenges typical in electric mobility systems by providing more power in smaller form factors. The GaN converter is one-third smaller and 50 % lighter than standard converters and has an overall efficiency of above 95 %.

“Creating a more sustainable world through e-mobility is at the heart of our mission and leveraging technologies like GaN are vital in accelerating this move,” said Mikel Parel, CEO of EPowerlabs. “This is demonstrated by our GaN Systems-based converter, which reduces power losses by more than 50 % compared to silicon-based designs in the market and is one-third the size of legacy converters.”

With an input voltage range of 24-60 VDC and rated at up to 1 kW continuous power with an overall efficiency above 95 %, this converter offers a reliable and efficient solution for electric mopeds and scooters, EV systems and vehicles, and numerous transportation and robotics applications.

Highlights of the DDC48-1K DC-DC converter:

  • High Efficiency: Efficiency is 97.5 % at full load, which is a 4 % improvement from similar types of converters currently available in the market.
  • High Power Density: Power density is 28 W/in3 compared to 10 W/in3 in converters using other topologies and switches.
  • Smaller Weight: The design without the case weighs only 345 g, and an air-cooled DC-DC of the same power weighs around 750 g.

EPowerlabs’ GaN-based DC-DC converter uses GaN Systems 100 V E-mode transistors (GS61008P), which leverage high-performance GaNPX embedded packaging and the high current, voltage breakdown, and switching frequency of GaN. This combination allows high power, low loss performance, and thermal efficiencies in smaller, lighter power systems.

“It’s wonderful to see customers like EPowerlabs using our GaN transistors to make vast power system improvements within the e-mobility space. These changes all play a part towards the goal of using less energy and creating a more sustainable future,” said Jim Witham, CEO of GaN Systems.

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