ST Introduces Single Channel Gate Driver IC for SiC MOSFETs


STMicroelectronics is offering the STGAP2SiCSN single-channel gate driver which is optimized to control Silicon carbide MOSFETs. It comes in a space-saving narrow-body SO-8 package and delivers robust performance with accurate PWM control.

As SiC technology becomes widely adopted to boost power-conversion efficiency, the STGAP2SiCSN simplifies design, saves space, and enhances robustness and reliability in energy-conscious power systems, drives, and controls. Applications include electric-vehicle charging systems, switched-mode power supplies, high-voltage power-factor correction (PFC), DC-DC converters, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), solar power, motor drives, fans, factory automation, home appliances, and induction heating.

Featuring galvanic isolation between the gate-driving channel and the low-voltage control, the STGAP2SiCSN operates with up to 1700 V on the high-voltage rail. The input-to-output propagation time of less than 75 ns ensures high PWM accuracy, with reliable switching thanks to common-mode transient immunity (CMTI) of ±100 V/ns. Built-in protection includes under-voltage lockout (UVLO), with a threshold tuned to prevent SiC power switches from operating in low-efficiency or unsafe conditions, and thermal shutdown that turns both driver outputs low if excessive junction temperature is detected.

Two optional configurations are available, giving a choice of separate outputs that allow turn-on and turn-off times to be independently optimized using an external resistor or a single output with active Miller clamp function. The single output configuration enhances stability in high-frequency hard-switching applications, leveraging the Miller clamp to prevent excessive oscillation of the power switch.

The STGAP2SiCSN logic inputs are compatible with TTL and CMOS logic down to 3.3 V, simplifying connection to a host microcontroller or DSP. The driver can sink and source up to 4 A at gate-driving voltage up to 2620 V. An integrated bootstrap diode simplifies design and enhances reliability, and a shutdown mode with separate input pin helps minimize system power consumption.

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