NIC Components Introduces SMT Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors for DC-DC Converters


NIC Components Corp. has announced the release of the NAZP product series of surface mount SMT aluminum electrolytic capacitors featuring extended 7000-hour load life ratings at +105°C (which corresponds to 28,000 hours at +85°C and 112,000 hours at +65°C).

NAZP series features high CV in reduced case sizes with low impedance and high ripple current ratings for use in power conversion (DC-DC) and regulator applications. The NAZP series is supported in capacitance values from 100uF to 470uF, with voltage ratings covering 16V to 50VDC in two case sizes; 8x10.8 and 10x10.8mm (DxL). The SMT construction is halogen-free, RoHS & REACH compliant and compatible with +250°C peak Pb-free reflow soldering processes. Evaluation samples are available upon request.


  • Reduced Case Sizes, Low Profile for High Density Designs
  • Cylindrical V-Chip Construction for Surface Mounting
  • Designed for Automatic Mounting and Reflow Soldering
  • Long Life: 7,000 Hours @ +105°C
  • Low Impedance & High Ripple Current at 100KHz
  • Suitable for DC-DC Converter and Regulator Applications
  • Available with Wide Anti-Vibration Terminations


  • DC-DC Power Circuits
  • Bulk Decoupling
  • Power Control   
  • Point of Load Regulators
  • High-Reliability
  • Enterprise-Level

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