Ampleon Introduces 400 W Asymmetric Doherty LDMOS Power Transistor for Base Stations


Ampleon has introduced the BLC10G27XS-400AVT 400-Watt asymmetric Doherty RF power transistor. This transistor is designed for use in base station multi-carrier applications and operates from 2.496 to 2.690 GHz. It is based on Ampleon's industry-respected 9th generation 28 V LDMOS process technology. The transistor is fabricated in an air cavity plastic (ACP) earless SOT-1258-4 package. The Doherty transistor delivers a drain efficiency of 45%.

The BLC10G27XS-400AVT offers excellent rugged characteristics, up to a VSWR of 10:1, considered essential for base station applications where high-power extreme mismatch conditions can often occur. 

The transistor has integrated ESD protection, has a low output capacitance that improves Doherty performance, and includes internal input and output impedance transformation, enabling user-friendly PCB matching to 50-ohm. 

The power gain specification of the BLC10G27XS-400AVT is typically 13.3 dB based on quoted test conditions. Additionally, the -400AVT has low thermal resistance attributes that yield excellent thermal stability for demanding base station applications.

Design support resources for the BLC10G27XS-400AVT include a recommended driver, the BLM9D2327S-50PB, an LDMOS 2-stage integrated Doherty MMIC, and the PCB layout for a Doherty production test circuit.

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