BrightLoop Introduces DC-DC Converters for Aerospace and Defense Applications


BrightLoop Converters is a French manufacturer that specializes in high performance converters and inverters for demanding applications in motorsport, defense, aerospace and railway. They offer both standard and custom-made products. BrightLoop's DC-DC converters support high voltage inputs of up to 950 V and with power outputs of up to 100 kW.

The DC-DC converters from BrightLoop are categorized into four:

  • Performance DC-DC converters: These are standard DC-DC converters used for power conversion in high performance automotive and are compact units offering best-in-class power density of 3 kW/kg.
  • Application-specific DC-DC converters: These are generally products they manufacture in collaboration with other industrial players, namely EPC and GaN Systems, and for business partners like the WSC Group.
  • Value DC-DC converters: These are optimized for rugged and long term usage for applications in defense, aeronautics and motorsports, or, for those situations which demand high tolerance against harsh operating conditions. These DC-DC converters are designed as per commercial and off-highway market expectations, and are compliant with market standards such as ECE R 10, ECE R 100 and LV 124.
  • Custom Power Converters: These are expertise-demanding products designed as per specification of their clients for aerospace, automotive and military applications.

With over two decades of experience, BrightLoop Converters is an established industrial supplier in the field of power electronics. Other offerings from BrightLoop includes AC-DC power supplies, DC-AC inverters, chargers, and battery management systems.

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