CTEK Introduces Battery Charger & Maintainer with Adaptive Charging Technology


CTEK AB has launched the CS ONE - a battery charger & maintainer with APTO (Adaptive Charging) technology - in stores and online, and is now available to purchase throughout Europe.

The CS ONE automatically delivers charging and conditioning programmes for any 12 V lead-acid or lithium battery, without the need to select modes or press any buttons. For complete safety and peace of mind, the CS ONE features spark and polarity free clamps that will automatically recognize positive and negative terminals, and is spark free avoiding worries about the terminals getting in contact with each other whilst connecting. An easy to follow countdown indicator shows clearly how long to go before the battery is fully charged and even when to restart a flat battery.

CTEK's specially developed APTO technology will revolutionize battery charging, first communicating with the battery to understand size, chemistry and health before automatically delivering a customized charging programme (2-8 A), to maximise battery performance. An in-built temperature sensor will automatically adjust the output voltage in both cold and hot conditions for the fastest and safest charging times.

The free to download CTEK App unlocks additional features such as 'RECOND' to restore battery health, 'WAKE UP' for lithium batteries with under voltage protection (UVP) or to bring deeply discharged lead-acid batteries back to life and 'SUPPLY' to turn CS ONE into a 12 V supply.

Jon Lind, CEO from CTEK, says "We are really excited to be launching the CTEK CS ONE product, that takes a whole new, revolutionary approach to battery care. We were the first to market with smart charging and now, thanks to our revolutionary APTO technology, we have launched the first fully adaptive charger. And it's down to this technology that smart just got easy and easy just got smart! The CS ONE goes beyond traditional multi-step charging – it's the world's smartest, fully adaptive charger that really does do all the thinking for you. And with the introduction of polarity free clamps it's so safe and easy to use."

Key Features of the CTEK CS ONE

  • Smart and Simple: no buttons to press or modes to select – simply connect CS ONE to any 12 V lead-acid or lithium (LiFePO4) battery and just leave it to do its work.
  • Adaptive Charging Technology (APTO): automatically works out what type and size of battery you've got and what it needs, then delivers a customised charging program with the most appropriate charge for your battery.
  • Polarity Free Clamps: just put one clamp on each charging point and the CS ONE will automatically work out which is the positive and which is the negative terminal.
  • Bad cell detection: The CS ONE can tell if your battery can't be charged – and will notify you.
  • Easy to understand display: countdown indicator shows when you can restart your battery and how long to go till fully charged
  • Additional functions: unlock additional programs / functions via the free to download CTEKApp
    • RECOND mode restores battery life and reconditions flat or deeply discharged batteries
    • WAKE UP lithium batteries with under voltage protection (UVP) or to bring deeply discharged lead-acid batteries (as low as 0 V) back to life
    • SUPPLY' mode turns CS ONE into a 12 V power supply to keep vehicle settings safe if you need to remove the battery
    • Advanced settings to monitor volts and amps being delivered by the charger
    • Adjust charger LED brightness
  • Accessories: new-look u-terminal connector for easier access to the battery, protective rubber bumper, wall-mount and adaptor for compatibility with all existing CTEK accessories
  • The CS FREE comes with a 5-year warranty