Recom Introduces AC-DC Converters for Healthcare Applications


Recom Power offers the RACM1200-V series power supplies that are designed to meet 2 x MOPP (Means of Patient Protection) medical-specific safety standards. This standard is recognized by standards organizations such as the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the European Commission in IEC60601-1, and requires that the RACM1200-V provides Means of Operator Protection (MOOP) isolation of 3000 Vac, maintain creepage and clearance distances of 5 mm & 4 mm, and provide double insulation between the primary and secondary ends of the power supply.

Additionally, RACM1200-V meets low leakage current limits for BF-rated (Body Floating) applications, as set by the IEC 60601-1, that are normally conductive and are often attached to a patient’s body for a medium or long term amount of time. These applications include but are not limited to blood pressure monitors, incubators, ultrasound equipment, heart rate monitors, and more.

The RACM1200-V comes packed with high-performance power output while maintaining very low stand-by power, making it extremely desirable for long-term reliability and sustainability. With a universal AC input range of 85-264 VAC, it can deliver up to 1000 W of power without the use of active cooling such as a cooling fan, and up to 1200 W of continuous power when utilizing active cooling. RACM1200-V can be shipped from the factory with a 24 or 48 VDC output voltage, with 50 A and 25 A output current limits respectively.

The RACM1200-V series can be limited to inherently fail-safe settings on request, using smart, controlled, fault-limiting functions ensuring the power supply never reaches unsafe operation levels. Additionally, RACM1200-V is extremely efficient and even achieves the 80 PLUS Platinum Certification, meaning that it reaches the following efficiencies of output versus input power.

The compact size of the RACM1200-V of only 3.8 x 9 x 1.5 inches (97 x 229 x 38 mm) allows it to be utilized in a variety of applications while minimizing the size of the device. If applications demands up to 1200 W of continuous power, RACM1200-V provides a 12 V smart output controller that utilizes either PWM or voltage signals to ensure that the external cooling fan is properly controlled.

The baseplate of the RACM1200-V is capable of handling all thermal management loads, while remaining under 80 °C, when the unit outputs less than 1000 W constantly and 1200 W boosted for under 10 seconds, which is well below many application power demands. This passive cooling system design allows for silent use and high efficiency for most applications.

For applications that require more than 1000 W, RACM1200-V can achieve up to 1200 W of constant output power when exposed to forced air at 2.5 m/s. RACM1200-V comes with an integrated 12 V fan controller to ensure the fan is only used on-demand to maintain high efficiencies. For devices that are in patient rooms, where audible noise of a device should be limited for patient comfort, the fan-less power output capabilities of RACM1200-V are extremely desirable.