Diodes Incorporated Launched 130 W USB Type C Power Delivery Adapter Evaluation Kit


Diodes Incorporated, a broad supplier of high-performance power semiconductor products, has launched a complete 130 W USB Type-C power delivery (PD) 3.0 adapter evaluation and development kit. This new solution uses SuperGaN FETs from Transphorm, Inc., a pioneer in and a global supplier of high-reliability, high-performance gallium nitride (GaN) power conversion products.

The kit pairs Diodes’ high-performing, innovative ACF (Active Clamp Flyback) controllers and Transphorm’s patented normally-off SuperGaN Gen IV devices with input power factor correction (PFC). The resulting solution delivers low standby power, higher efficiency, unprecedented thermal performance, and optimal system bill-of-materials (BOM) cost, compared to e-mode GaN and silicon-based systems. It exceeds DOE VI and COC Tier 2 power efficiency requirements and allows for increased power density.

Diodes’ ACF solutions are designed to leverage next generation power conversion technologies in configurations offering greater performance than traditional flyback systems and significantly lower cost than half-bridge resonant LLC solutions in USB PD charging applications. The new 130W ACF SuperGaN kit is no exception, enabling easy and quick evaluation of advanced technologies while accelerating go-to-market timelines. Capabilities include:

  • High power peak efficiency: > 93.5%
  • High power factor: > 0.90 over line over 60% load
  • Ultra-low total harmonic distortion (THD): < 18% over line over 60% load
  • Low standby power: < 43mW
  • Lowest switch temperature: < 75°C

The kit uses three main Diodes controllers and two SuperGaN FETs from Transphorm:

  • The AP3306: A highly integrated ACF controller designed for ultra-low standby power and high power density requirements, with comprehensive protection mechanisms incorporated.
  • The APR340: A MOSFET driver intended for secondary-side synchronous rectification.
  • The AP43771V: A USB Type-C PD3.0 decoder, with on/off N-channel MOSFET control and robust protection features.
  • Two TP65H150G4LSG devices: These are SuperGaN 650V, 150m? FETs, with one each for the PFC control and ACF control stages respectively.

DiodesAP3306 ACF controller allows high integration, low standby power, optimal system cost, and versatile protection for a wide range of power adapters from 45W to 140W, while our AP43771V USB-PD controller with PPS provision has an MCU with virtual multi-time programmable area for customization, supporting different quick charger power profiles. Transphorm’s SuperGaN technology enables us to deliver the highest efficiency, lowest device temperature and ultimately high power density adapter system that is easy to drive without requiring any additional drivers or complex interfacing,” said Ernest Lin, Division Manager, ACDC Power & Lighting (APL) Division, Diodes.

“The development kit from Diodes, an innovator and provider of multiple controllers in the USB-PD adapter market, is an invaluable opportunity to help customers quickly realize the benefits of GaN power conversion for high-performance notebooks,” said Tushar Dhayagude, Vice President, Technical Sales & Field Applications, Transphorm. “The adapter market is only beginning to realize the power and cost savings with advanced ACF topology, as we see more chargers greater than 100 Watts hit the market. Transphorm’s SuperGaN FETs combine the highest efficiency with the simplicity of design and drivability along with the most robust and highest gate noise immunity in the market.”

The simple-to-use 130W USB PD ACF kit allows manufacturers to quickly customize and implement 90W to 150W adapter designs with USB-C, PPS, and multi-protocol configurations. This kit is now available upon request from Diodes.