Gallium Semiconductor Launches European R&D Center in Netherlands


Gallium Semiconductor, an innovative supplier of RF Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductor solutions for 5G mobile communications, launches its European research and development (R&D) center in Nijmegen, Netherlands. Gallium Semi’s strategic selection of Nijmegen is based on the recognition of it being a European innovation hub for RF power technology with a very talented pool of engineers. The new R&D center targets to perform GaN semiconductor product development, device design, customer application engineering and production support.

"We are excited to establish Nijmegen, Netherlands as our European R&D center," said Michael Guyonnet, Vice President of Networks of Gallium Semi. "Nijmegen is the vibrant heart of Europe’s RF power technology and our presence here will allow us to expand our team with world class talent.”

Gallium Semi will use the Nijmegen R&D center as an opportunity to work closely with global customers to design, test and commercialize RF GaN semiconductor solutions for 5G mobile communications, aerospace and defense, and industrial, scientific and medical applications. “With so much expertise in RF engineering and manufacturing operations, we are able to leverage the most advanced technology to drive our product development,” said Kin Tan, Gallium Semi’s Chief Executive Officer.