Diodes Incorporated Introduces Automotive Qualified MOSFETs Packed in Thermally Efficient Package


Diodes Incorporated has introduced a portfolio of automotive MOSFETs packaged in the space saving, thermally-efficient TOLL (PowerDI 1012-8) package. Capable of operating to 175 °C, the 100 V-rated DMTH10H1M7STLWQ and DMTH10H2M5STLWQ, plus the 80 V-rated DMTH8001STLWQ MOSFETs occupy 20 % less PCB area than the TO263.

These devices feature an off-board profile of just 2.4 mm. This makes them ideal for use in high reliability power applications, such as energy recuperation, integrated starter alternators, and DC-DC converters in battery-equipped vehicles.

The TOLL package uses clip bonding to achieve low package resistance and reduced parasitic package inductance enabling the DMTH8001STLWQ, DMTH10H1M7STLWQ, and DMTH10H2M5STLWQ to achieve typical on-resistances of 1.3 m?, 1.4 m?, and 1.68 m?, respectively at a gate drive of 10 V. Moreover, the low parasitic package inductance provides improvements in circuit EMI performance.

With a solder contact area that is 50 % bigger than the TO263, the TOLL package enables a junction-case thermal impedance of 0.65 °C/W, allowing these MOSFETs to handle currents up to 270 A. Their tin-plated trapezoidal grooved leads help to facilitate automated optical inspection (AOI) procedures. These MOSFETs are qualified to AEC-Q101, PPAP capable, and are manufactured in IATF 16949 certified facilities.

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