Knowles Introduces Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors for Automotive and Industrial Applications


Knowles Precision Devices has introduced the Hiteca Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCCs) for demanding power electronics application in electric vehicles and industries. These capacitors are the perfect choice for applications such as DC bus smoothing.

The Hiteca MLCCs offer higher capacitance over DC bias voltages. With lower self-heating properties and low loss operation, they can handle higher ripple currents than conventional ceramic capacitors. These capacitors are suitable for use in high-temperature environments due to their lower temperature rise over AC currents and their long-term reliability with zero percent aging rate per decade. This helps to optimize the performance of power electronics in electric vehicles and industrial systems. Their non-piezo construction also makes them ideal snubber capacitors.

Features of Hiteca MLCCs

  • high capacitance, high voltage
  • low loss AC operation
  • non-piezo construction
  • up to 2000 Vdc

Applications of Hiteca MLCCs

  • power supply
  • industrial
  • automotive/inverter/filtering/smoothing
  • ripple current smoothing
  • snubber capacitors

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