Skyworks Launches PoE Controllers for Industrial and Mobile Applications


Skyworks has introduced the newest addition to their broad 802.3bt Power Over Ethernet (PoE) family - the Si3472 and Si3473 PSE controllers. The recently launched Si3474 powers up to four 802.3bt 4-pair Ethernet ports with 90 W per port and supports thermally efficient 200 mΩ current sense.

The new Si3472 powers up to four 802.3bt 2-pair ethernet ports with up to 45 W per port. The new Si3473 powers up to eight 802.3bt 2-pair ethernet ports with up to 45 W per port and are backwards compatible with previous-generation IEEE 802.3at and -af standards.

All Skyworks multi-port PSE devices support autonomous or hosted operation, automatically detecting valid powered devices (PDs) and cutting off port power when connected PDs are removed. In addition, each PSE device provides a full featured I2C register interface for advanced power management and control.

Key Features of the Si347x PSE Controllers

  • IEEE 802.3bt compliant up to 90 W
  • high speed integrated flash
  • supports 4 or 8 ethernet PoE ports/PSE
  • supports 200 mΩ or 255 mΩ current sense resistors
  • compact 5 x 7 mm or 8 x 8 mm QFN package
  • matching portfolio of PoE powered devices (PD)
  • comprehensive development kit with software GUI; SI3472-KIT and Si3473-KIT

Major Benefits of the Si347x PSE Controllers

  • leverages the latest industry standard for longevity while still being backwards compatible with IEEE 802.3at and af standards
  • eliminates the cost and board space requirement of external flash or OTP of competitive solution while enabling much faster boot up
  • optimized thermal performance
  • easy to use development kits with comprehensive documentation speed your design

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