ROHM Increases Production of Analog LSIs and Transistors in Malaysia


ROHM CO., LTD. and ROHM Wako CO., LTD. have announced plans to build a new production facility at its manufacturing subsidiary in Malaysia, ROHM-Wako Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (RWEM) to increase the production capacity of analog LSIs and transistors due to growing demands.

The ROHM Group continues to work on expanding production capacities at its plants in Japan and overseas by constructing new buildings as well as upgrading manufacturing machines. RWEM had also constructed a production facility in 2016, which commenced operation in April 2017, and has been increasing the production capacity of discrete semiconductors such as diodes since then.

The new building, which is constructed on the premise of RWEM, is also to respond to the strong demand for semiconductors and promote a multi-site production system of analog LSIs and transistors in line with the Business Continuity Management (BCM). The construction of the new building will increase the overall production capacity of RWEM by approximately 1.5 times.

Construction of the new facility, which is expected to have 3-story and a total floor area of 29,580 square meters, is scheduled to begin in January 2022 and be completed in August 2023. The new building will be equipped with various energy-saving technologies to reduce the environmental impact (expected to reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 15% compared to the previous), and will also further strengthen the BCM system by adopting various disaster proofs with the up-to-date technologies.

The ROHM Group will continue to observe market demands and strengthen production capacities in accordance with the Middle-term management plan, while at the same time taking steps to ensure a stable supply of products to all clients worldwide through the multi-site production system, inventory management, and disaster proof of facilities.

New RWEM Building Overview


3-story structure

Building area

9,860 m2

Total floor area

29,580 m2

Start of construction

January, 2022

Construction end

August, 2023