Top Power Electronics Products in 2021


Power electronics devices are solid-state electronic components that are used to convert and control electric power. The power electronics devices are commonly used in electrical power grids, industrial motor drives, protection devices, power inverters, AC-DC converters, DC-DC converters, consumer electronics, etc. These devices are used to control the conversion of electric power from one form to another using power diodes, power transistors, thyristors, etc. Depending on the usage, these power devices can control both unidirectional and bidirectional energy flow, and the regenerated energy can be delivered back for utility. Power electronics play an important role in today's arena and provide compact and high-efficient solutions for power conversion.

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3.3 to 5 V AC to DC Converter

Category: AC to DC Converter

Company: Delta Electronics

7 A Synchronous Radiation Hardened DC-DC Converter

Category: DC to DC Converter

Company Name: STMicroelectronics

400-800 V DC to AC Inverter

Category: DC to AC Inverter

Company: Bel Power Solutions

14 Channel Li-ion Battery Cell Controller IC

Category: Battery Management IC

Company: NXP Semiconductors

Dual Stage EMI / EMC Filter

Category: EMI / EMC Filter

Company: Astrodyne TDI

100 V GaN-on-Si Enhancement Transistor

Category: GaN Transistor

Company: GaN Systems

1200 V Dual Channel Gate Driver IC

Category: Gate Driver IC

Company: ROHM Semiconductor

750 mA Adjustable LDO Voltage Regulator

Category: LDO Voltage Regulator

Company: Microchip Technology

80 V N-Channel Enhancement MOSFET

Category: MOSFET

Company: Infineon Technologies

Single Phase Bridge Power Rectifier Diode

Category: Power Diode

Company: Vishay

100 μH Ferrite Core Power Inductor

Category: Power Inductor

Company: Gowanda Electronics

PMIC with Power Path and Charging

Category: Power Management IC

Company: Nordic Semiconductor

18.1 V Solar Panel for Industrial Applications

Category: Solar Panel

Company: Phoenix Contact

2500 mF Electric Double Layer Capacitor

Category: Supercapacitor

Company: Eaton

40 to 160 V AC Surge Suppressor

Category: Surge Suppression IC

Company: Recom Power

20 V Multilayer Varistor for Automotive Applications

Category: Varistor

Company: TDK Corporation

20 W Qi-compliant Wireless Power Transmitter Coil

Category: Wireless Charging Coil

Company: Wurth Elektronik

5 W Wireless Charging Transmitter IC

Category: Wireless Charging IC

Company: Semtech

650 V Discrete Single Switch IGBT

Category: IGBT

Company: Alpha & Omega Semiconductor

10-500 W LIN-bus Motor Driver IC

Category: Motor Driver IC

Company: Melexis