Acumentrics Introduces 1000 W UPS Power Supply for Mission Critical Applications


Acumentrics has introduced a 1000 W Rugged Half Rack UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) with industry leading SWaP-C, providing warfighters with a new level of power-portability for mission-critical applications. At just 12 lbs, Acumentrics’ Rugged Half Rack UPS features an industry leading power density of 83 W per pound and is just one-third the size of a 1000 W full-size chassis.

Acumentrics1000 W Half Rack UPS provides the autonomous power needed for small form factor networking, communication, and computer platforms that support “Quick at the Halt” and “On the Move” mounted and dismounted tactical missions. This Mil-Standard Certified UPS provides systems architects with a COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) power system that can be easily integrated with Small Form Factor Modules from; DTECH; KLAS; PACSTAR; Mercury; HP; Dell: along with other computer networking and communication modules that require 20 to 30 Vdc mission-critical power! It is also compatible with small form factor transit cases that are available from Ameripack, ECS, Desapro and others.

Steve Corbesero, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing at Acumentrics, says “Our engineering team used advanced technologies and high-performance digital control to optimize the SWaP-C of the 1000 W Half Rack UPS. We’ve reduced the size and weight of this portable UPS, while providing the rugged power and runtime necessary for the warfighter to deploy fully operational electronic systems in austere environments. In military applications, this means portable power that can increase the survivability, lethality, and responsiveness of the combat soldier, while giving them the technical advantage at the tactical edge.”

The 1000 W Rugged Half Rack UPS is a COTS rugged mission critical power system that is designed to meet MIL Standards such as:

  • EMC: MIL-STD 461F CE102, RE102, CS114/115/116, CS101 & RS103
  • Environmental: MIL-STD-810-G, Method 514.6, Category 20, Figure 514.6C-3, Table 514.6C-VI, Method 516.6, Procedure I, Section and Table 516.6-I, Ground Equipment

Auto-ranging and Power factor corrected: this UPS automatically adjusts for domestic and international input power while providing clean, reliable DC power, as well as seamless transitioning to its internal battery when AC shore power is lost. Other advantages of the 1000 W Half Rack UPS include:

  • A user-replaceable battery pack featuring hot-swappable Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries with charge-level indication and status buttons
  • Uninterrupted load operation with zero switch-over time if AC input power is lost and/or returned
  • Acceptance of True Worldwide Input including AC input power from 100 to 264 Vac / 47 to 440 Hz
  • Cold Start for operation when grid power is not available providing up to 60 Minutes of runtime for a 100 W load
  • The 1000 W Half Rack UPS has an operational temperature of -40 to 60 ºC and is available with optional SNMP and optional extended runtime battery

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