Easy-to-Use Demo Boards Accelerate Development of Rad Hard GaN Power Devices in Aerospace Applications

Easy-to-Use Demo Boards Accelerate Development of Rad Hard GaN Power Devices in Aerospace Applications

EPC Space has announced the availability of a family of easy-to-use demonstration boards to help designers quickly and easily implement radiation-hardened (RH) gallium nitride (GaN) power devices into their high reliability and aerospace applications.

A new family of demonstration boards offers fast prototyping and evaluation of the features and capabilities of EPC Space Rad Hard eGaN power devices. The offering includes the following: 1) a trio of low-side driver demo boards, EPC7C001, EPC7C002, EPC7C003, which utilize the EPC Space’s eGaN gate driver modules to drive a corresponding 40V, 100V, or 200V discrete eGaN FET; 2) EPC7C005 demonstration board that allows evaluation of the switching operation and conversion efficiency performance of the FBS-GAM02-P-C50 Rad Hard power module connected as a half-bridge point-of-load (POL) output stage, and 3) the EPC7C006 demo board which is a three-phase motor demonstration board that utilizes the FBS-GAM02-P-R50 module.

“Radiation Hardened eGaN FETs and ICs offer designers improved performance, lower cost, and shorter delivery times compared to RH silicon-based devices,” said Bel Lazar, CEO of EPC Space. “We are happy to provide an easy-to-use evaluation platform to assist designers looking to convert their RH silicon designs to take advantage of the higher power densities, higher efficiencies, and better cost and delivery that GaN offers.”

EPC Space Demonstration Boards

EPC Space P/N


Featured Products


FBS-GAM01P-PSE FBG04N30 Demo Board




FBS-GAM01P-PSE FBG10N30 Demo Board




FBS-GAM01P-PSE FBG20N18 Demo Board




FBS-GAM02-P-C50 POL Eval. Board



EPCS-GAM02-P-C50 3-Phase Motor Control

Motherboard/Eval. Board


Price and Availability

5-unit pricing starts at $850/each with lead times of 6 weeks.

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