Toshiba Launches Discrete IGBT for Home Appliances


Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation has launched an 1100 V discrete IGBT, “GT30J110SRA,” to be used for home appliances such as IH rice cookers and microwave ovens using voltage resonance circuits with AC100 V input.

The new product GT30J110SRA has improved characteristics, featuring lower loss, short-circuit current suppression, a wider safe operating area and lower radiated emissions than the existing product. Lower loss is offered by reducing turn-off switching loss and diode conduction loss. It's possible to use smaller gate drive resistance than the past by reducing radiation noise. Its typical turn-on time is 0.2 μs, about 20 % reduction from the existing product, and its typical turn-off time is 0.33 μs, about 29 % reduction. The diode typical forward voltage is 1.40 V which is about 33 % reduction, helping reduce the power consumption of the equipment.

Short-circuit current suppression is offered by reducing saturation current. This can reduce the short- circuit current of a resonance capacitor during equipment start-up. The peak value of the typical saturation current of the new product is 200 A, about 40 % reduction from the existing product, while its collector-emitter saturation voltage is equivalent to that of the existing product for 60 A or lower.

Its wide safe-operating area has been extended on the high voltage side compared with the existing product, making the product less likely to break down. Low radiated emissions are offered by optimizing its chip structure. Its radiated emissions are 35.8 dBμV/m at around 30 MHz where the radiated emissions level is the strongest, about 10 dBμV/m reduction from the existing products.

  • 6.5th generation
  • Built-in diode by RC structure
  • Low diode forward voltage : VF=1.40 V (typ.) @IF=30 A, Ta=25 °C 

Voltage resonance for home appliances

  • IH rice cooker
  • IH cooking heater
  • Microwave oven, etc.

Application Circuit Example

The application circuits shown in this document are provided for reference purposes only. Thorough evaluation is required, especially at the mass-production design stage. Providing these application circuit examples does not grant any license for industrial property rights.

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