Compact, Cost-Efficient DC Panel Meters for Industrial & Laboratory Voltage Measurement Applications


Murata Electronics has announced the release of its new DMR35 Series digital panel meters, developed for industrial and laboratory voltage and current measurement applications.

The DMR35 Series provides a unique LED-bar-graph display that accompanies a traditional digital/numerical readout. The products are a mechanical drop-in alternative for many popular analog panel meters. The miniaturized DMR35 Series includes a +48V common-mode input range and is powered from a 9-32VDC external source. Additionally, the Series will provide IP66 environmental protection at the front mounting surface when used with the included mounting gasket.

  • Up to 3-1/2 digits resolution, 0.8% accuracy
  • Selectable voltage & current measurement ranges
  • Dual Numeric/Bar graph that provides an analog-like meter movement
  • User-adjustable display brightness, Red, 0.45” (11.4mm) 3.5-character LED display
  • Mechanical drop-in alternative for common analog meters
  • ±48V common-mode input range
  • Operates from 9-32 VDC
  • Provides precise, accurate Voltage & Current measurements
  • Easily readable under a wide range of lighting conditions (user adjustable brightness control)
  • Mechanical Drop-in replacement for common 2-1/2” analog meters
  • Easy installation and IP66 front-panel environmental protection
  • 21 segment bar-graph display responds quickly and smoothly, like an analog meter movement to aid in reading rapidly changing measurements.
  • Laboratory instrumentation
  • Factory process control/monitoring
  • Commercial & industrial retrofitting services
  • Any application requiring precision voltage and or current monitoring

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