Cornell Dubilier’s High-Energy Storage Pulse Capacitors Now Available from Richardson Electronics


Richardson Electronics, Ltd. has announced that it is now offering Cornell Dubilier’s new high-energy storage pulse capacitors.

Highly customizable, Cornell Dubilier’s pulse capacitors are designed to deliver large amounts of energy in short bursts, providing excellent high-energy storage for applications with high voltage charge/discharge cycles. These capacitors are available in either a dry epoxy or oil-impregnated construction and come in a variety of terminal options with a broad range of plastic or metal packaging.

With voltage ratings of up to 100 kV, peak discharge current ratings up to 250 kA, these low inductance devices are designed for user-specified life. Cornell Dubilier offers unparalleled expertise in the design and manufacture of customized high energy storage and pulse discharge capacitors for life-saving medical devices, industrial lasers, research and development, and critical military applications.

Pairing Richardson’s design-in capabilities with its high-quality products and strong technical team, Cornell Dubilier can provide an ideal solution to their power management customers.

Richardson Electronics provides solutions and adds value through design-in support, systems integration, prototype design and manufacturing, testing, logistics, and aftermarket technical service and repair on a global basis.

These specialized capacitors are the next step towards providing optimal performance while meeting customers’ strict requirements. Cornell Dubilier’s partnership with Richardson Electronics expands its touch to the global customer base.