Murata Introduces Non Isolated DC-DC Converters for Distributed Power Architecture Applications


Murata has introduced new non-isolated DC/DC converter lines for distributed power architecture applications. The UltraBK, MonoBK, and PicoBK series were developed to provide small size, high efficiency, decreased noise, low EMI, and take up less board space. These products address the design challenges impacting today’s communication, storage, and server applications along with the exacting demands of the emerging 5G market.

These offerings of DC-DC converters were developed for distributed power architecture applications. Each version features a small size, high efficiency, decreased noise, and low EMI. The specific features and benefits for each series are:

UltraBK MYTNA and MYTNC Series
  • Ultra-thin package.
  • 4A & 6A models.
  • Superior package density design.
  • Target applications: Storage and server, and 5G communication applications.
MonoBK Series Expanded to Include MYMGK-H Line
  • High heat resistance.
  • 12A and 20A models.
PicoBK Low-Power Model with Integrated Inductor with a Control IC
  • Small package.
  • Feature low quiescent current.
  • 0.5A, 1.0A, 1.5A and 2.0A models.
  • Target application: Space, wearable devices, and battery powered applications.

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