What is a Dual Switch IGBT?

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Editorial Team - everything PE

Sep 19, 2021

Dual Switch IGBT consists of two IGBT switches for operation. They can be connected in three different configurations:

  • Half-bridge configuration.
  • Bidirectional switch with common emitter configuration.
  • Two separate switch configurations.

In the half-bridge configuration, the two IGBTs are connected in a half-bridge configuration, and a freewheeling diode is connected anti-parallel across each IGBT. These two switches are complementary switches, i.e., when the first IGBT switch is ON, the second IGBT switch will be OFF. Similarly, when the second IGBT switch is ON, the first IGBT switch will be OFF. 

In a bidirectional switch configuration, two IGBTs are connected back to back in series. This configuration allows bidirectional current flow. 

Dual Switch IGBTs are ideal for use in motor drives, high-reliability inverters, UPS, industrial machines (example, welding machines), high voltage power supplies, pumps, fans, air-conditioning systems, wind turbines, PV power conditioning systems, traction drives, and power factor correctors.