What is a Wireless Charging Transmitter?

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Editorial Team - everything PE

Feb 24, 2022

A wireless charging transmitter is an electronic device that is used to transfer electric power wirelessly to the wireless charging receiver. It utilizes the electromagnetic induction principle to transmit power wirelessly to the wireless charging receiver. Electromagnetic induction is a process in which a conductor is placed in a specific position while the magnetic field varies or remains stationary as the conductor moves. The transmitter generates an alternating electromagnetic field with an induction coil, which the receiver converts back to power and feeds into the device's battery.

Wireless charging transmitters are ideal for smartphones, portable media players, digital cameras, tablets, wearables, headsets, wireless speakers, portable lighting, notebooks, medical devices, cordless power tools, cordless vacuum cleaners, soap dispensers, hearing aids, medical devices, supercapacitors, and electric vehicle charging applications.