What is Gate Trigger Voltage of a GTO Thyristor?

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Editorial Team - everything PE

Jun 11, 2024

The Gate Trigger Voltage (VGT) of a Gate Turn-Off (GTO) thyristor is the minimum voltage required to turn on the device when a gate current is applied. In other words, it is the minimum voltage necessary to activate the GTO and initiate the conduction of current between the anode and cathode terminals. It is a critical parameter as it determines the level of voltage needed to initiate the switching process from the off state to the on state.

The gate trigger voltage is defined at a specific gate current level, which is necessary to forward bias the gate junction and initiate the current flow within the device. It denotes a comparatively low-level signal, typically a pulse, directed to the gate terminal to initiate conduction in the GTO. The specific design and structure of the gate region within the GTO device influences the gate trigger voltage.

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