Energous Partner with Sekorm to Expand its WattUp Wireless Power Network Technology

Energous Partner with Sekorm to Expand its WattUp Wireless Power Network Technology

Energous, a leading developer of RF-based charging for wireless power networks, announced Sekorm as a value-added partner in China. Through its partnership with Sekorm, Energous gains access to the more industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) design communities, marketing, and sales capabilities, and increased awareness of its award-winning WattUp wireless power network technology in China. Energous recently announced approval by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) in China for IoT applications. Energous’ WattUp PowerBridge supports multiple next-generation applications including smart tags, electronic shelf labels, sensors, asset trackers, and more.

“China is the world’s most populous country, the second-largest economy, and a top country for IoT device deployment, making it an important market for Energous and our WattUp wireless power network technology,” said Cesar Johnston, CEO at Energous. “As a value-added partner, Sekorm will help open up new markets for Energous, allowing more potential customers to engage with our WattUp technology and expanding the global reach of IoT wireless power networks.”

IDC predicts that, by 2024, China will surpass the US to become the largest IoT market in the world, spending over $300 billion annually on IoT and accounting for over 25% of all global spending on the sector. IDC also projects the global IoT ecosystem to grow more than threefold over the next few years, from 12 billion devices today to 39.3 billion by 2025. These devices will demand reliable power to function. Most, however, are fueled by batteries, which don’t all lose power at the same time, or by cumbersome charging cables and cords that present logistical nightmares creating hidden costs to IT teams and large-scale IoT deployments. Energous1 W WattUp PowerBridge, approved in China for unlimited distance transmission, solves these IoT power challenges.

“China represents a massive technology market and one where IoT deployments in industrial settings are rapidly expanding, bringing with them more need for reliable power,” said Calvin Xiao, CEO at Sekorm. “For years, Energous has been a leading player in the wireless power networks space and we’re excited to become a value-added partner and source for their technology in China.”

Shenzhen-based Sekorm has 30 years of experience helping hundreds of global companies penetrate, promote and distribute their products to more than 6,000 innovative Chinese hardware customers across many IoT applications. Through the Sekorm eService platform, Energous will reach additional IoT design communities, extend market and sales coverage including customer training, and expand its WattUp technology more efficiently through Sekorm’s networks in China.


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