CISSOID, NAC & Advanced Conversion Collaborate to Develop High Power Density SiC Inverters

CISSOID, NAC & Advanced Conversion Collaborate to Develop High Power Density SiC Inverters

CISSOID, a leader in high-temperature Semiconductors and Power Modules, has collaborated with NAC Group and Advanced Conversion, a leader in high-performance capacitors for demanding applications, to offer a compact and optimally integrated 3-Phase SiC Power Stack combining a 1200 V SiC Intelligent Power Module from CISSOID and a 6-pack low-ESR/ESL DC-Link capacitor from Advanced Conversion. This Power Stack can be further integrated with a controller board and a liquid cooler offering a complete hardware and software platform for the design of high power density and high-efficiency SiC Inverters for e-motor drives.

CISSOID’s Intelligent Power Module (IPMs) platform integrates a 3-Phase 1200 V/340 A to 550 A SiC MOSFET Power Module with a temperature-robust gate driver enabling low switching losses and high power density. This platform can be further enhanced with a control board and algorithms providing real-time processing, control, and functional safety for SiC inverters in e-motor drives. The power module On-Resistance ranges from 2.53 mΩ to 4.19 mΩ depending on the current rating. The total switching energies are as low as 7.48 mJ (Eon) and 7.39 mJ (Eoff) at 600 V/300 A. The co-design of the power module and the gate driver enables optimizing the IPMs for the lowest switching energies by carefully tuning dV/dt and controlling voltage overshoots inherent to fast switching. The embedded gate driver solves multiple challenges related to fast-switching SiC transistors such as negative drive and Active Miller Clamping (AMC) to prevent parasitic turn-on; Desaturation detection and Soft-Shut-Down (SSD) reacts rapidly but safely to short-circuit events; Undervoltage Lockout (UVLO) functions on gate driver and DC bus voltages monitor the proper operation of the system.

The 6-pack DC-Link capacitor from Advanced Conversion mechanically fits CISSOID IPMs through a low inductance busbar. A set of capacitor values, up to 500 µF, and voltage ratings, up to 900 V, is available for rapid evaluation. Custom solutions are also available, based on advanced Conversion annular form factor film capacitor that is ideally suited for “surface mounting” to an optimized bus structure that interfaces with the switch modules. This patented approach combined with bus cooling provides a very high Ampere per micro-Farad rating to allow the smallest possible capacitance while simultaneously minimizing the commutation loop inductance. Equivalent series inductance values of less than 5 nH are readily achieved using the right switch module with an appropriate connection design.

“The DC link is a critical component for high-power inverters utilizing fast switching that is often overlooked during the initial stages of design. However, efficient fast-switching wide bandgap devices require a carefully designed DC link bus topology with tightly integrated capacitors. ” says James Charlton, Director of Product Marketing at NAC Group, who has collaborated with Advanced Conversion to develop a range of kits for use with the CISSOID module”. “Thanks to the capacitor kit customers can find immediately a high-performance capacitor perfectly suited with our fast-switching 3-Phase SiC IPM’s, accelerating their inverter design for compact and efficient e-motor drives,” says Pierre Delatte, CTO of CISSOID.

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