Top Power Electronics Products in 2022

Top Power Electronics Products in 2022

Significant revenue growth is being seen in the world market for power electronics. The market is expanding as a result of increasing power electronics deployment in electric vehicles (EVs) and rising consumer demand for power management equipment. The demand for power electronics is further increased by features like optimal forward and reverse blocking capabilities and streamlined circuits. The market value is increasing as small power electronic designs suitable for high power density applications continue to evolve. In this article, everything PE has listed some interesting power electronics products that were trending on the website.

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Single High-Side Power Switch for PLC Applications

The IPS1025HF from STMicroelectronics is a Single High-Side Power Switch that is designed to drive resistive, capacitive, or inductive loads with one side connected to the ground. It requires an input voltage of 8.65 - 60 V. This power switch uses two different sets of activation thresholds and limitation levels to intelligently drive the capacitive loads and loads with initial peak current requirements. Read more.

13 mF Wet Tantalum Supercapacitor for Space & Military Applications

The EP1A133M050DZSSD from Vishay is a Wet Tantalum Supercapacitor that is ideal for industrial, military, and space Applications. This supercapacitor has a capacitance of 13 mF and a rated voltage of 50 V. It has an ESR (equivalent series resistance) of up to 0.050 Ω. This supercapacitor is based on Vishay's SuperTan technology which offers a very high capacitance design and delivers a high energy output. Read more.

600 A AC/DC Current Transducer for Energy & Automation Applications

The DHR 200 C5 from LEM is an AC/DC Current Transducer that is designed to conduct electronic measurements of AC, DC, and pulsed currents. It has an AC input current of 200 A and a DC input current of up to 600 A. This current transducer has a DC output voltage of 0 - 5 V. It can measure the amount of current present in VFD and SCR waveforms and indicates a true RMS output. Read more.

Half Bridge AC-DC Converter for LCD & SMPS Applications

The ICE1HS01G-1 from Infineon Technologies is a Dual Output Half-Bridge Resonant AC-DC Converter that steps down an AC input voltage of 100 - 240 V to a DC output voltage of 1.5 - 9 V. It has a switching frequency of 47 - 53 kHz. This converter is specially designed to drive LLC resonant half-bridge converter designs and regulates the output voltage by changing the switching frequency. Read more.

40 V Gan-on-Si HEMT for Over-Voltage Protection Applications

The INN040W048A from Innoscience is an Enhancement Mode GaN-on-Si High Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT) that is ideal for over-voltage protection in the USB port of smartphones, switch circuit in multiple power supply systems, and high-side load switch applications. It is based on GaN-on-Si HEMT technology that blocks signals from both directions and has an ultra-low on-resistance. Read more.

Energy Harvesting PMIC for Wearable and IoT Applications

The NH2D0245 from Nowi is an Energy Harvesting Power Management IC that is designed to harvest and deliver the extracted energy for low-power applications. It requires an input voltage of 2.5 - 4.5 V. This PMIC is an energy harvesting solution that harvests the energy generated by a source such as a photovoltaic (PV) cell, or a piezo-electric harvester with a rectifier and uses this energy to charge a storage element such as a rechargeable battery or a supercapacitor. Read more.

650 V N-Channel SiC MOSFET for Switching Regulator Applications

The TW015N65C from Toshiba is an N-Channel Enhancement Mode SiC MOSFET that is ideal for switching voltage regulator applications. It has a drain-source breakdown voltage of over 650 V, a gate threshold voltage of up to 5 V, and a drain-source on-resistance of less than 21 mΩ. This MOSFET has a continuous drain current of up to 100 A and power dissipation of less than 342 W. It is based on Toshiba’s 3rd generation chip design that integrates a SiC-based Schottky barrier diode with a low forward voltage. This SiC MOSFET has a high threshold voltage to ensure less susceptibility to malfunctions or short-circuit-related damages. Read more.

NTC Current Limiting Thermistor for In-Rush Protection Applications

The 120D-15 from Songtian Electronics is a Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) Thermistor that is designed to provide in-rush current limit and sensing functions for electronic devices. It has a current rating of up to 1.8 A and a resistance of 120 Ω. This REACH-compliant thermistor can sense and control current surges in circuits and reduces the risk of tripped circuit breakers, blown fuses, or damage to motors or filaments used in in-rush applications. It compensates for variations in circuit resistance caused by changes in ambient temperature in sensing applications. Read more.

Single High-Speed Gate Driver for Motor Control and SMPS Applications

The DGD0280 from Diodes Incorporated is a Single High-Speed Gate Driver that is ideal for DC-DC converters, line drivers, motor controls, and switched mode power supply (SMPS) applications. It requires an input voltage of 4.5 - 18 V. This gate driver consists of a control logic circuit, voltage/current detection blocks, MOSFET, and a low drop-out (LDO) voltage regulator. The logic inputs integrated into this driver are compatible with standard TTL and CMOS levels, thereby making it easy to interface with MCUs. Read more.

AEC-Q100 Qualified Linear LDO Regulator for Power Supply Applications

The TQL821CSV50 RLG from Taiwan Semiconductor is an Automotive Qualified Linear LDO Regulator that is ideal for automotive or other supply systems. It requires an input voltage of 3 - 50 V. This regulator provides a fixed output voltage of 5 V and a drop-out voltage of 0.07 V. It is designed to offer a high output voltage accuracy of ±2% in both load and line regulation. This AEC-Q100 qualified LDO connects a high voltage tolerant Enable pin to a microcontroller or digital control system that switches ON the device when the input voltage is high and disables when the input signal is low. Read more.

1250 V High-Speed Switching IGBT for UPS & Welding Applications

The RBN25H125S1FPQ-A0 from Renesas is a Trench IGBT that is ideal for welding, photovoltaic inverters, power converter systems, and UPS applications. It has a collector-emitter breakdown voltage of up to 1250 V, collector-emitter saturation voltage of 1.8 V, and gate-emitter voltage of less than 30 V. This IGBT has a collector current of up to 50 A and a gate-emitter leakage current of less than 1 µA. It has a power dissipation of up to 223 W. This IGBT is based on thin wafer technology and consists of a built-in fast recovery diode to provide a high-speed switching operation. Read more.

100 V Enhancement-Mode GaN Power Transistor

The EPC2218 from Efficient Power Conversion is an Enhancement Mode GaN Power Transistor that is ideal for BLDC motor drives, class-D audio, DC-DC converters, sync rectification for AC/DC & DC-DC converters, lidar/pulsed power, and LED lighting applications. It has a drain-to-source voltage of over 100 V, a gate threshold voltage of 1.1 V, and a drain-source on-resistance of 2.4 mΩ. This GaN transistor has a continuous drain current of up to 60 A and a pulsed drain current of less than 231 A. Read more.

AC Voltage Transducer for Industrial and Commercial Applications

The MROVSD100X203 from Frer Srl is an AC Voltage Transducer that is ideal for industrial and commercial applications. It has an input voltage of 0 - 100 V and requires a supply voltage of 380 - 415 V. This voltage transducer provides an output current of 0 - 20 mA. It operates over a temperature from -10° to +50°C. This UL 94-V0 flame-retardant certified voltage transducer is available in a DIN rail mount package. Read more.

10 Ohm Military Standard Wirewound Power Resistor

The NHS100 10 R J from Ohmite Manufacturing is a Non-Inductive Wirewound Power Resistor that is designed to enable direct heatsink mounting with a thermal compound to achieve maximum performance. It has a resistance of 10 Ω and a resistance tolerance of ±5%. This resistor has a voltage rating of 1900 V and a power rating of 100 W. Read more.

Direct Drive D-Mode Power Switch IC for Power Supply Applications

The V22TC65S1A1 from VisIC Technologies is a Direct Drive D-Mode Power Switch IC that is ideal for solar inverter, AC-DC power supply, AC motor, battery charger, laser driver, and automotive applications. It requires an input voltage from -25 V to 6 V. This power switch IC integrates a patented, high-density, lateral GaN power transistor into a normally-off product that results in extremely low drain-source on-resistance, exceptionally efficient, and ultra-fast switching performance. Read more.

5 W Wireless Charging Receiver Coil for Cellular & Wearable Applications

The WR483265-15F5-G from TDK Corporation is a Wireless Charging Receiver Coil that operates at 5 W. This REACH-compliant receiver coil has an inductance of 13.3 µH and dynamic contact resistance (DCR) of less than 0.20 Ω. It consists of receiving coils with appropriate turns to enable an efficient wireless power transfer operation. Read more.

Single-Phase Power Line Filter for Shielding Applications

The FLLE2001ASRW2 from KEMET Corporation is a Single-Phase Power Line Filter that is designed for use in shielded, compartment-type screened rooms, secure communications areas, and MRI screened facilities. It has an AC voltage rating of 250 V and a current rating of 1 A. This filter has a high quality, robust construction and is manufactured to ensure industry-standard performance range. Read more.

12 V Fixed Buck DC-DC Converter for Microcontroller Applications

The 173011235 from Wurth Elektronik is a Fixed Buck DC-DC Converter that steps down an input voltage of 16 - 36 V to an output voltage of 12 V. It delivers an output current of up to 1 A. This converter has a switching frequency of 520 kHz and an efficiency of 92%. Read more.

AEC-Q101 Qualified Low-Clamping Unidirectional ESD Protection Diode

The PESD5V0C1ULS-Q from Nexperia is a Low-Clamping Unidirectional ESD Protection Diode that is designed to protect one automotive in-vehicle network bus line from the damage caused by ESD and other transients. The diode has a reverse stand-off voltage of up to 5 V and a breakdown voltage of 9 V. It has a rated pulsed current of less than 6.5 A and a reverse leakage current of up to 100 nA. Read more.

750 V N-Channel Enhancement Mode SiC MOSFET

The UJ4C075018K3S from Qorvo is an N-Channel Enhancement Mode SiC MOSFET that is ideal for EV charging, PV inverters, switch mode power supplies, power factor correction modules, motor drives, and induction heating applications. This MOSFET is based on a unique ‘cascode’ configuration, in which a normally-on SiC JFET is co-packaged with a Si MOSFET to produce a normally-off SiC FET device. Read more.