ROHM Introduces Automotive-Grade LDO Regulators for ADAS Sensors

ROHM Introduces Automotive-Grade LDO Regulators for ADAS Sensors

ROHM developed automotive-grade LDO regulator ICs: the BUxxJA3DG-C series. The devices are designed for automotive applications such as sensors for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) which have become smaller and more powerful.

In recent years, safety requirements in the automotive sector have increased as technological innovations in accident prevention and autonomous driving continue to progress. In line with this, sensors and cameras installed in ADAS are becoming increasingly sophisticated, necessitating power supply ICs that deliver larger currents in a smaller package size.

In the past years, ROHM has already offered compact, energy-saving solutions utilizing an extensive lineup of DC-DC converters and LDO regulators for a wide range of automotive applications, including ADAS and ECUs.

The new BUxxJA3DG-C series meets the basic requirements for LDOs used in the secondary power supplies of automotive systems (i.e. compact size, compatibility with standard output voltages). On top of that, despite their small package size (2.9 mm × 2.8 mm), they support output currents of up to 300 mA while covering an input voltage range from 1.7 V to 6 V. Such low input supply voltage enables the use of the LDO in 1.8 V power supply systems to provide low output voltages at a higher efficiency. Furthermore, the output voltage noise is reduced to just 55 μVrms which is about 40% lower than similar 3.3 V low-noise LDO regulators. As a result, its series is able to provide a quiet power supply along with greater miniaturization and performance in ADAS applications.

Going forward, ROHM will continue to support the evolution of vehicles by developing power supply ICs that contribute to greater power savings and miniaturization in automotive applications.

New Product Lineup

The BUxxJA3DG-C series meets basic requirements, including a compact size, support for 125°C operations, qualification under the AEC-Q100 automotive reliability standard, and output voltages required for automotive secondary LDO regulators.

At the same time, output currents up to 300 mA are provided from 1.7 V to 6.0 V wide input voltage range in a small form factor. Hence, the lowest output voltage, BU12JA3DG-C ensures stable operation even at 1.7 V input/300 mA output, enabling use in 1.8 V power supply systems. In addition, output noise is reduced by 40% over general products, reducing the effect on minute electrical signals. This is making them ideal for power supplies in compact, high-performance automotive applications where noise is a concern.

Key applications

  • ADAS, sensors, cameras, and radar
  • Car infotainment systems including clusters and head-up displays (HUDs)
  • Enables use in a wide range of applications and fields, especially secondary power supplies for noise-sensitive automotive applications.

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