Efficient Power Conversion Introduces 150 V GaN FET for High Power Density Applications

Efficient Power Conversion Introduces 150 V GaN FET for High Power Density Applications

EPC expands the selection of off-the-shelf GaN FETs in thermally enhanced QFN packages with the introduction of the 150 V EPC2308 designed for the motor drive in power tools and robots, high-density DC-DC from 80 V - 100 V for industrial applications, synchronous rectification to 28 V - 54 V for chargers, adaptors, and power supplies, smartphones USB fast chargers, and in solar optimizers and microinverters.

The EPC2308 GaN FET offers a super small RDS(on), of just 4.9 mOhm typical, together with very small QG, QGD, and QOSS parameters for low conduction and switching losses. The device features a thermally enhanced QFN package with a footprint of just 3 mm x 5 mm, offering an extremely small solution size for the highest power density applications.

The package offers wettable flanks to simplify assembly and inspection and exposed top and ultra-low thermal resistances to optimize thermal dissipation through the heatsink for cooler operations.

The EPC2308 is footprint compatible with the previously released 100 V, 1.8 mOhm EPC2302, and the 100 V, 3.8 mOhm EPC2306.

“The EPC2308 combines the advantages of 150 V GaN with an easy-to-assemble and thermally enhanced QFN package,” said Alex Lidow, CEO and co-founder of EPC. “Designers can use our family of packaged GaN FETs to make smaller and lighter weight battery-operated BLDC motor drives for robotics and power tools, higher efficiency 80 V input DC-DC converters, and higher efficiency USB chargers and power supply”.

Development Board

The EPC90148 development board is a half-bridge featuring EPC2308 GaN FET. It is designed for 150 V maximum device voltage and 12 A maximum output current. The purpose of this board is to simplify the evaluation process to speed time to market. This 2” x 2” (50.8 mm x 50.8 mm) board is designed for optimal switching performance and contains all critical components for easy evaluation.

Price and Availability

The EPC2308 is priced at $3.75 each in 1 Ku volume.

The EPC90148 development board is priced at $200.00 each.

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