Advanced Linear Devices Introduces Supercapacitor Auto Balancing MOSFETs

Advanced Linear Devices Introduces Supercapacitor Auto Balancing MOSFETs

Advanced Linear Devices, a design innovator in analog semiconductors, announced an addition to the quad family of Supercapacitor Auto Balancing (SAB) MOSFETS. The precision MOSFET array offers a simple, economical, and effective method to balance and regulate supercapacitors rated at a higher voltage. The chip is built using ALD EPAD-proven production technology. The ALD810030 stabilizes supercapacitors that can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as actuators, telematics, solar panels, emergency lighting, security equipment, barcode scanners, advanced metering boxes, and battery backup systems.

The MOSFETs can balance two to four supercaps with very small voltage differences and dissipate no power beyond the actual leakage current differences between the two cells. When VIN = 3.00 V is applied to the array, its IOUT is 1 µA. For a 100 mV increase in VIN to 3.10 V, IOUT increases by about tenfold. For an additional increase in VIN to 3.24 V, IOUT increases one hundredfold to 100 µA. Conversely, for a 100 mV decrease in VIN to 2.90 V, IOUT decreases to one-tenth of its previous value, to 0.1 µA. Another 100 mV decrease in input voltage would reduce IOUT to 0.01 µA.

“Once again, ALD’s technology leadership has created a product that is always on for balancing larger supercapacitors that use virtually no power,” said Robert Chao, president and founder of ALD. “The ability to offer power management for cells 3.00 V or more is a market breakthrough.”

The ALD810030 offers a set of unique, precise operating voltage and current characteristics for each of the four matched SAB MOSFET channels. The product, available in quad packages, is scalable and can be used to balance up to four supercapacitors connected in parallel or series. It features a precision gate threshold voltage in the Vt mode, which is 3.00 V when the gate-drain source terminals are connected at a drain-source current of IDS(ON) = 1 µA. Additionally, the operating temperature is -40°C to +85°C.

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