Wolfspeed Silicon Carbide Devices Power Future Mercedes-Benz EV Platforms

Wolfspeed Silicon Carbide Devices Power Future Mercedes-Benz EV Platforms

Wolfspeed announced the company will be supplying Silicon Carbide devices to power future Mercedes-Benz Electric Vehicle (EV) platforms, enabling greater efficiency in the powertrain. Wolfspeed’s semiconductors will be incorporated into next-generation powertrain systems for several Mercedes-Benz vehicle lines.

“Coming from a long-term technical collaboration history between our companies, we have now chosen Wolfspeed as one of our key partners for future Silicon Carbide devices, thus securing preferred long-term supply, technology, and quality of this decisive semiconductor component for our electrification offensive,” said Dr. Gunnar Güthenke, Head of Procurement and Supplier Quality for Mercedes-Benz.

As a leader in luxury vehicles, Mercedes-Benz understands the need for superior performance.  By leveraging Wolfspeed’s expertise and Silicon Carbide devices to improve vehicle range and power, Mercedes-Benz plans to have some of the most efficient EVs on the road.

“We are pleased to be supporting Mercedes-Benz, an organization with a long, successful history of providing world-class performance and luxury vehicles, as they introduce next-generation EVs to the market with highly efficient power systems,” said Gregg Lowe, CEO of Wolfspeed. “We are continuing to invest in our manufacturing capacity to support a steepening demand curve for Silicon Carbide devices that will not only improve EV performance and drive greater consumer adoption but also support the sustainability efforts of global automotive leaders like Mercedes-Benz.”

The Silicon Carbide power devices for Mercedes-Benz will be produced at Wolfspeed’s facilities in Durham, North Carolina, and it's new 200 mm Mohawk Valley Fab in Marcy, New York. This Mohawk Valley Fab is the world’s largest Silicon Carbide fabrication facility and is dramatically expanding Wolfspeed’s production capacity. Earlier this year Wolfspeed also announced it was beginning construction on a new Silicon Carbide materials facility in North Carolina, which will expand its Silicon Carbide capacity by more than 10x.

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