Toshiba Introduces 40 V N-Channel Power MOSFETs to Support High-Current Devices

Toshiba Introduces 40 V N-Channel Power MOSFETs to Support High-Current Devices

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage has adopted a new package with high heat dissipation, L-TOGL (Large Transistor Outline Gull-wing Leads), which has a high drain current rating. We have commercialized the 40 V N-channel power MOSFETs for automotive use, XPQR3004PB, and XPQ1R004PB, and started mass production shipments.

In recent years, the shift to EVs has progressed in in-vehicle equipment, and the power consumption of equipment has increased. Parts used in automotive equipment are required to have product characteristics such as low loss and high heat dissipation to meet this demand. The new product adopts a new package L-TOGL suitable for large current, low resistance, and high heat dissipation. The chip and outer leads are integrated using Cu clips, and the package has a post-less structure that eliminates posts inside the product. Furthermore, by adopting a source lead with a multi-pin structure, the package resistance has been reduced by approximately 70% compared to the existing package TO-220SM(W). For the XPQR3004PB, the drain current rating has been extended to 400 A, which is 1.6 times that of the existing product. In addition, by adopting a thick Cu frame, the XPQR3004PB reduces the transient thermal impedance between the channel and case by 50% compared to existing products, contributing to higher currents and lower losses in equipment. increase.

The new product uses new packaging technology to simplify heat dissipation design and reduce the number of MOSFETs used in inverters such as ISG, which require a large current operation, and semiconductor relays, contributing to device miniaturization.

Also, for applications that require an even higher current operation, a parallel connection of MOSFETs is expected. The new product supports grouped delivery of gate threshold voltages, so it is possible to design product groups with little difference in characteristics.

Since automotive devices are used in various temperature environments, bonding reliability of board-mounted solder is important. The new product uses a gull-wing type lead that relieves mounting stress and contributes to improving the joint reliability of board-mounted solder.

Key features

  • New package L-TOGL adopted
  • High Drain Current (DC) Rating
  • AEC-Q101 compliant
  • Low on resistance

Key specifications

Key applications

Automotive equipment (inverters, semiconductor relays, load switches, motor drives, etc.)

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