Sharge Selects GaN FETs from EPC for High-Power USB PD Charger

Sharge Selects GaN FETs from EPC for High-Power USB PD Charger

Efficient Power Conversion, a world leader in enhancement-mode gallium nitride FETs and ICs, has teamed up with SHARGE Technology to design a 67 W USB PD charger with a power display screen. The Retro 67 fast charger uses EPC’s 100 V GaN FET, EPC2218, which can deliver 231 A pulsed current in a tiny footprint of 3.5 mm x 1.95 mm offering designers a significantly smaller, more efficient device than silicon MOSFET for USB PD fast chargers.

EPC2218 provides SHARGE’s All-GaN fast charger with higher efficiency, state-of-the-art power density, and lower system cost.

The SHARGE Retro 67 supports 67 W of power output, providing a full-speed charging experience for the latest high-power laptops. The charger has three USB-C ports, to support multiple device charging.

The Retro 67 uses EPC2218 to achieve the most efficient power conversion, reducing product size and enabling a PCBA power density of up to 1.39 W/cm³ and an overall power density of 0.85 W/cm³ with 90 V AC input. The overall conversion efficiency of the SHARGE Retro 67 fast charger is 92.16% with 230 V AC input.

The Retro 67 charger is designed to resemble a traditional desktop computer with an LED matrix panel displaying digital rain animations and charging power for mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, incorporating fun with functionality.

Alex Lidow, CEO of Efficient Power Conversion said, “We are excited to work with SHARGE in designing this fast charger using our EPC2218 to achieve higher power density, smaller size and more efficient power conversion”.

Leo Zhou, CTO of SHARGE said, "We are very pleased to join forces with EPC in further upgrading our innovative fast charger to improve users’ experience and enable our continuous innovations in the energy storage field."

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